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VISA FREE: 5 unmissable experiences in Brazil

Brazil is sometimes seen as a ‘road less travelled’, a destination that doesn’t always spring to mind when you’re planning a holiday. Well, why not? The country is buzzing. Filled with colour, music in the air, white sandy beaches and the dense Amazon Rainforest. Tourism in Brazil is really starting to take off, so much so, that the Tourism Board has waived Visas for Australian tourists, saving you some extra cash to get up to even more activities. So what are you waiting for? More information, you say? Well here you go; this is my pick of the Top 5 activities to do in Brazil. 


Spend some time in this busting city, where the city is literally inside the jungle… That’s right, Rio De Janeiro boasts the world’s largest urban forest, and it’s a site to see. You must make sure you tick off one of the seven wonders of the world and visit the epic Christ the Redeemer statue. Another must-do is a guided tour of the city to learn about the history and culture of Brazil. There’s plenty to do here and it’s a definite stop off on your trip to Brazil. I recommend flying into Rio with LATAM Airlines, you can go from Melbourne via Santiago.


275 waterfalls all in one place, need I say more? There are a few great ways to experience this powerful landscape. Pack your walking shoes and stroll through the rainforest to reach an exhilarating vantage point of 365 degree views of the falls. You can also take a helicopter ride to get a birds’ eye view and a true perspective of the size and scope of the falls. Another option is to pop across the border to Argentina where 80% of the falls lie. Hike down to the lower canyon where you can jump into a big speedboat that will take you right to the heart of the action; yep, you’ll get soaked!


Manaus is the Amazon’s largest city. Not far from the city you can fully immerse yourself in the rainforest by staying in a jungle lodge. There are a lot to choose from, including eco-friendly properties designed in harmony with the environment, and allowing guests to experience true jungle life. Not your thing? What about a lodge with a touch of luxury and unforgettable views? There are also family friendly options or you can go rustic and experience a few nights without hot water, phone reception or electricity – could you hack it?


Travel to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain on one of the most scenic cable cars you can imagine. Soak up the panoramic view of the city of Rio De Janeiro, the mountain and the ocean surrounding you. Picture a city surrounded by forest covered peaks and golden beaches, edged with turquoise seas. The best time to head up the top is to watch the sun go down and the city lights come up – the best part is that you can stay up the top of Sugarloaf for as long as you like! Definitely pre-purchase your ticket… the queue can be quite long.


There is no shortage of beautiful beaches in Brazil. In Rio, you can visit Copacabana or Ipanema which are equivalent of what Bondi is to Sydney. Popular spots for tourists and surrounded by beachfront restaurants and cafes, it’s worth a stop by to enjoy some fresh seafood and a day lounging in the sun. Some beachside locations in Brazil are strictly no vehicles aloud. The island of Tinhare of Morro de Sao Paolo is one of these. Although the island is remote, it’s a favourite for locals and tourists, and you can soak up the small town relaxed atmosphere. What about those Instagram-worthy translucent turquoise beaches? Visit Taipùs de Fora on the south coast of Bahia. This beach is a snorkelers dream and the colours will stop even the most experienced traveler in their tracks – no filter needed here!

So, have I convinced you yet? This is only scratching the surface of the amazing activities you can do and things you can see in Brazil. It’s time to put Brazil closer to the top of your dream holiday destinations!


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