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20 Sep 2019

It's September, nearly November and Myer are already setting up their Christmas displays. I know you are stressed you didn't book that other holiday you really wanted 6 months ago, but guess what! I have plan B and it is so much better than what plan A was! 

Japan. In Winter. With a small b...

9 Jul 2018



performed or occurring as a result of a sudden impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.

It is a myth that last minute overseas trips are the most expensive. By having an open mind and exercising flexibility, you will be able to tick off...

8 Jul 2018

Ash and Jarrad contacted me to help plan their honeymoon of dreams. On their list was Europe, Canada, New York, California and of course... Mexico! Here is a detailed recount of where they went and how they overcome the complications the Northern Hemispheres winter threw a them....

14 May 2018

Jess is a passionate traveller and often admits she is drawn to a destination based on it's number of fine restaurants and cocktail bars! Determined to experience the Northern Territory in style after living and working on a remote station for months, Jess retells what she truly discovered...

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